Student Code of Conduct

Students must:

  • Follow formal instructions given by staff
  • Arrive at lessons on time
  • Take responsibility for the safety of their personal property
  • Ensure that all staff are spoken to politely
  • Move quietly about the corridors and stairs and do not run
  • Make every effort to ensure all areas of the school are kept clean, tidy and litter-free
  • Report to the Welfare Department if they arrive at school late
  • Carry their LAL Student ID cards at all times
  • Smoke in designated areas only.
  • Not smoke if on a Young Learner course

LAL Language Centres will not tolerate:

  • Bullying and harassment of other students or staff of any kind
  • Any type of violence
  • Vandalism or graffiti
  • Possession of, use of or dealing of drugs in school
  • Possession of alcohol and the drinking of alcohol at the school
  • Misuse of solvents
  • Misuse of LAL property and equipment
  • Serious breach of health and safety
  • Deliberate damage to health and safety equipment
  • Possession of any knives, guns or other weapons in school
  • Use of foul and abusive language
  • Theft of any kind
  • Any actions that breach local law

The failure to comply with these policies may result in proceedings being brought under LAL’s Behaviour and Discipline Policy.

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