A place to stay only metres away

Relax: your bedroom can be minutes from the school. In London, Cape Town, Gozo and Fort Lauderdale we have accommodation on the same site as the school. In Malta and Torbay our own residences are just a short walk away.

Great facilities made for you

Our schools are designed for study and socialising. We’ve modernised our schools with more technology in the classrooms and even better facilities. In Fort Lauderdale and Cape Town there are pools, while all our schools have relaxation areas where you can unwind or study, from kitchens to computer rooms.

Every day at your service

From beginning to end, we’re here to help you.We can pick you up at the airport, we’ll give you a warm welcome at our schools, we’ll help you explore and we’re always available if you need help.Plus our online learning portal is open 24 hours a day.LAL is with you all the way.

Great courses with a difference

For university, for aviation or on safari: unique courses from LAL. Yes, we offer General English. But we also offer some amazingly different courses too. Whether you want to become a pilot, learn English among animals or take the next step to University, LAL has a course for you.


LAL is proud to have schools all over the world in amazing locations. Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled English language learning holiday or a serious study opportunity, you’ll find the right course and location combination for you at LAL.


We use traditional styles, techniques and resources, with regular progress tests, a robust CEFR-based syllabus, our e-platform and a promise that we teach you to use the language, not learn about it. We tailor our courses to meet the needs of the students in each class, taking into account interests, strengths and weakness, as well as short and long term goals.


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