Cabin Crew English

Cabin Crew English

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Chase your dream of working while travelling with our Aircrew English course!

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anyone interested in a career in Cabin Service or whoever is preparing an entry test or interview with an airline.

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  • Max 10 students per class
  • 15 hours per week
  • 3 weeks
  • B1
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  • What is the Aircrew English course about?

    Working as part of the cabin crew or as a flight attendant involves constant interaction with people. Effective communication is indispensable for people working in the aviation industry, especially if it’s on an international level. The Aircrew English course provides support so that our students develop their language skills and confidence to ensure a better performance in their jobs.

    In general, the course is suitable for any current or prospective flight attendants or cabin service staff who need to use English on the ground or in the air, since it covers both General English and English for cabin crew.

    The course is organized around the sequence of a flight. It starts with an introductory unit, followed by pre-flight, welcoming passengers on board, cabin services and amenities, en-route health and medical issues, safety and emergencies, and descent, landing and layover. Finally, the last unit gives advice on applying for cabin crew positions.

    Course Structure

    The Aircrew English course includes, but is not limited to the following topics:

    • Career path
    • Responsibilities
    • People and places
    • Pre-flight briefing
    • Introductions
    • Aircraft features
    • Greeting passengers
    • Boarding and loading
    • Solving seating problems
    • Meal service
    • Onboard sales
    • Classes of service
    • Health issues
    • Remedies
    • Attending sick passengers
    • Safety equipment
    • Emergency procedures
    • Air rage
    • Preparations for landing
    • Checking the cabin
    • Checking into a hotel
    • Job applications
    • The interview process
    • Cabin crew job requirements

    Why should you study the Aircrew English course?

    • Become fully prepared to handle all situations that may arise on-board.
    • Learn effective problem-solving techniques.
    • Be able to communicate effectively in English.

    Why LAL?

    • We have several partnerships with aircrew training centres.
    • We offer small groups to provide more personalised attention.
    • We simulate job interviews to help you prepare.
    • We use real-life situations for you to practise with.
    • We enhance your learning through LAL Advantage, our online learning platform. You can use it before you arrive, during the course and for three months after you leave us, at no extra cost!

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