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The DELTA Course leads to obtaining the most widely recognised Diploma in English Language Teaching.

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experienced teachers who want to extend their career in ELT management or research.

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  • What is the course about?

    The DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course lays great emphasis on the integration of practical classroom approaches, giving a thorough understanding of language systems and learning theories. The scheme provides you with unique opportunities for effective, practical classroom training, combined with professional education in the underlying theories and principles of language and language learning.

    Additional requirements

    This course is open to people from all language backgrounds. However, you must have a high competence in English that will enable you to follow and complete the course successfully.

    Requirements for Module 1

    • At least 1 year of English Language Teaching experience.
    • English level equivalent to IELTS 8 or 9, both written and spoken.

    Requirements for Module 2

    • At least two years of full time (1,200 hours) experience teaching English to adults, within the past five years.
    • Teaching experience in different contexts and at different levels.
    • Be a graduate and have an initial teaching qualification.
    • To have successfully completed Module 1.

    We may still accept applicants if they do not strictly meet all of these requirements but can demonstrate that they would be likely to complete the course successfully.

    Course Structure

    The course features a balance of theory and practice to enhance your understanding of the English language while examining in depth the principles of effective teaching and the practical skills required for teaching it.

    There are three modules:

    Module 1: background to teaching and learning

    This module will cover:

    • Historical and current theories of first and second language acquisition.
    • Approaches and methodologies.
    • Language systems and skills.
    • Learner problems.
    • Evaluating teaching and reference materials.
    • Role and methods of assessment. Assessment: exam consisting of two papers, which will be taken in June.

    Module 2: focusing on developing professional practice

    This module will cover:

    • Examining the effects of different contexts on learning English.
    • Managing, supporting and maximising learning.
    • Planning and teaching lessons at different levels.
    • Evaluating different approaches and materials.
    • Developing the ability to observe and reflect on teaching.

    The input sessions will take the form of lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, group activities and discussions, but will usually be a combination of these formats.

    In addition to these contact hours, you will need to set aside about 150 hours for reading, research and assignment writing during the course. You will also need about 50 hours to complete the preparation tasks before the course begins. Assessment: written assignments and 5 hours of teaching practice during the course. Module 3: focusing on a specialist option This will depend completely on which area of ELT you are interested in (for example, Business English, Teaching Young Learners etc.) and can be taken at any time.

    Assessment: extended written assignment.

    Module 3: focusing on a specialist option

    This will depend completely on which area of ELT you are interested in (for example, Business English, Teaching Young Learners etc.) and can be taken at any time.

    Assessment: extended written assignment.

    Course Dates


    Module 1

    19 November 2018 – 30 March 2019.

    Module 2

    11 Jan 2019 – 22 Feb 2019

    Why should you study the DELTA course?

    • You will deepen your understanding of the principles and practice of teaching the English Language to adults.
    • You will be able to apply the results of your learning and reflection to your current teaching position and more senior roles.
    • You will be able to easily examine your current practices and beliefs.
    • You will increase your employability in management roles at reputable schools throughout the world.

    Why LAL?

    • We will provide all the support and guidance you need to achieve this certification.
    • We designed this course to be flexible to suit the varying needs of practising teachers.
    • We have a high pass rate from our students.
    • We have many years of experience teaching this course.
    • We are located in an amazing location to accelerate your learning process!

    Find out more on our dedicated Teacher Training website, where you can also apply online.

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