English with Trainee Teachers

English with Trainee Teachers

  • Ages 16 +
  • 4.84 score from 93 ratings
LAL is not only good at teaching English, but also at preparing English teachers.

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This course is ideal for any person who wants to improve their general English skills and support the training of future English teachers.

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  • Max 15 students per class
  • 15 hours per week
  • 1 - 5 weeks
  • A2 or B2 levels only
  • What is the English with Trainee Teachers course about?

    If you would like to improve your English, but you have a limited budget, this course is perfect for you. Our English with Trainee Teachers offer is a series of affordable English courses taught by people who are training with us to become English Teachers.

    The English with Trainee Teachers course will help you improve your General English skills, including writing, listening, speaking and reading. Additionally, it is made to fit your budget while getting 15 hours of English lessons per week with a qualified teacher as part of the deal. Join us and help our Trainee Teachers to move further in their professional life.

    Course Dates

    • 20th Jan – 14th Feb

      23 Mar – 24 Apr
      24 Jul – 21 Aug
      21 Aug – 18 Sep
      26 Oct – 27 Nov

    Why LAL?

    • We are located at the heart of the English Riviera, in the beautiful south west of England.
    • We have the best teachers training with us, to provide you with a high quality of education.
    • Our teacher training department has many years of experience with a 99% success rate amongst our trainee teachers.
    • We enhance your learning through LAL Advantage, our online learning platform. You can use it both during the course and until three months after you leave us, at no extra cost!

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