ICAO Test Preparation

ICAO Test Preparation

  • Ages 17+
  • 4.8 score from 231 ratings
ICAO Test Preparation is designed to fully prepare aviation students for the ICAO proficiency test.

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private or commercial pilots, Air Traffic Control Officers, and anyone working in an international aviation environment.

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  • Max 10 students per class
  • 6 hours per week
  • 10 weeks
  • Level required: B1
  • What is the ICAO Test Preparation course about?

    If you are planning to enter the aviation industry on an international level, this course will help you achieve and maintain Level 4 (operational) of the ICAO English test. Furthermore, the course will enhance your communicative competence with a specific focus on the six ICAO language proficiency descriptors. These are pronunciation, structure, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and interaction.

    The ICAO English test contains different sections and tasks that you need to tackle successfully. In order to help you achieve this, we will provide you with lots of practice to develop the required linguistic and test-taking skills and subskills throughout the course.

    Also, you should consider complementing these lessons with our Aviation English course for a more complete understanding of this industry’s language.

    Course Structure

    First of all, you should know that the ICAO Test Preparation course includes 60 hours of instruction over a ten-week span (four 90-minute sessions per week). During this time, partial and complete practice tests are used as diagnostic and assessment tools. However, the course starts with a complete diagnostic pre-test used as a benchmark and later, it fine-tunes students’ performance throughout the course.

    • Week 1: Read radiotelephony messages using standard phraseology
    • Week 2: Read sentences in plain English
    • Week 3: Listen to sentences and repeat them
    • Week 4: Give simple answers to questions
    • Week 5: Listen to spoken radiotelephony messages and say appropriate readbacks using given call signs
    • Week 6: Listen to radiotelephony exchanges, correct wrong information, and respond appropriately to questions or requests
    • Week  7: Listen to stories and retell them
    • Week 8: Listen to open questions and answer them
    • Week 9: Review 1 – 8
    • Week 10: Review 1 – 8

    Course Dates

    • 07 Jan – 15 Mar
      18 Mar – 24 May
      28 May – 02 Aug
      05 Aug – 11 Oct
      14 Oct – 20 Dec

    Why should you study the ICAO Test Preparation course?

    • Improve your ability to take a practice and authentic ICAO exam on site.
    • Be able to communicate effectively in English in various situations related to the aviation industry.
    • Have plenty of practice handling emergency situations.

    Why LAL?

    • We are an ICAO English exam testing centre, so we know how to prepare you for it.
    • We include off-site trips to flight schools.
    • We provide an aviation lounge, exclusively for Aviation English students, equipped with a top-of-the-line flight simulator.
    • We use real-life situations for you to practise with.
    • We enhance your learning through LAL Advantage, our online learning platform. You can use it before you arrive, during the course and for three months after you leave us, at no extra cost.

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