International Teacher Training

International Teacher Training

  • Ages 18 +
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Learn new teaching and learning techniques, update yourself to the current pedagogical trends and improve your English.

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non-native teachers of English and teachers of core subjects, through the medium of English, to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary learners.

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  • 12 students per classroom
  • 15 hours per week
  • 1-4 weeks
  • B1
  • What is the course about?

    The International Teacher Training Course is a perfect option if you are a non-native teacher of English or you teach one of the core subjects in English to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary learners. You will be asked to complete a needs analysis before your arrival, so the course planning can take account of common and individual areas of interest.

    The methodology used to deliver the course will teach you a range of styles and teaching techniques that can be adapted to suit other teaching and learning situations. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to evaluate current pedagogical trends.

    Course Structure

    The International Teacher Training course will include the following, as relevant to the group:

    • Teaching receptive skills (reading and listening).
    • Teaching productive skills (speaking and writing).
    • Maximising student interaction and exploiting opportunities for oral practice.
    • Teaching systems (grammar and lexis).
    • Using technology in the classroom.
    • Promoting pupil independence – approaches and techniques.
    • Practical ideas for the classroom, including warmers, coolers, fillers, role play, games, stories and songs.
    • Evaluating and adapting course materials.
    • Teaching very young pupils.

    Why should you study the International Teacher Training course?

    • You will learn from skilled and experienced teachers.
    • You will increase your confidence in their use of English both inside and outside the classroom.
    • You will have plenty of opportunities to share classroom ideas and difficulties with others on the course.
    • You will overview current teaching methodologies and learning strategies.
    • You will get observations of experienced teachers in an authentic classroom situation.
    • You extend your range of teaching techniques.
    • You will experience a variety of methodologies including Learner-centred approaches, Communicative approaches and CLIL.
    • You will raise your awareness of resources and the use of authentic materials.
    • You will explore strategies to promote learner independence.

    Course Dates

    • 14 Oct – 01 Nov

    Why LAL?

    • We will provide all the support and guidance you need to get the most out of this course.
    • We listen to your feedback, act on your comments and strengthen the course.
    • We have been a Teacher Training Centre for over 20 years.
    • We have many years of experience teaching this course.
    • We are located in an amazing location to accelerate your learning process!

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