NESE Semi Intensive English

NESE Semi Intensive English

  • Ages 16 +
  • 4.72 score from 54 ratings
The Intensive English course helps you improve the main skills for communicating in everyday situations!

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any person who wants to improve their general English skills.

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  • Max 16 students per class
  • 17.5 hours per week
  • Minimum 2 weeks
  • All levels
  • Twice a month
  • NESE’s 10-level Semi-Intensive Program is ideal for students who would like to improve their English but are equally interested in other aspects of life in the United States. Because this program lasts only half a day, students have time to travel and explore other interests.

    NESE students participating in the Semi-Intensive Program have full access to all NESE facilities, such as the choice of a dormitory or homestay accommodation, weekend trips, student clubs, and unlimited free access to e-mail and the Internet. Students participating in this program are also welcome to spend their out-of-class time using NESE’s academic facilities in order to study, listen to English-training CDs, or watch videos at NESE.

    Elective & After-School Courses

    In addition to NESE’s academic classes, students and professionals can choose elective(1) and After-School Courses(2), including TOEFL® Preparation, Business English, Legal English, Pronunciation, and University Preparation. Advanced students can also take courses in their area of particular interest at Harvard Extension School(3) and other area colleges.

    (1)Elective Courses – free of charge. (2)After-School Courses – extra charges apply. (3)Please check the Harvard University website for course and fee information.

    Why NESE?

    • Excellence: Every aspect of your learning experience at NESE has been designed to optimize your learning process
    • Curriculum: A wide choice of electives and extra-curricular activities is available in adition to NESE’s curriculum
    • Methodology: NESE recognizes each student as an individual person, with his own distinct learning style, needs, and goals.
    • Location: In the heart of Harvard Square and surrounded by the academic life of Harvard University.


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