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A tried and tested way of improving your English language ability is to follow a course that prepares you for an internationally recognised certificate. For employers and higher education institutions these qualifications provide evidence of your dedication and commitment to improving your English.

All Cambridge certificates are accepted by employers, agencies and governments worldwide, while the CAE and CPE certificates are accepted by universities for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The best thing about this certificate is that it stays with you for life.

Once you pass the exam you will not have to do it again if you are happy with your result.  There are three different kinds of certificate that you can take under the Cambridge examinations: Cambridge English First (FCE), Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) and Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE).

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The Cambridge Exams

Cambridge Exams have been designed to determine your level of English for both work and study purposes. Each of the different exams have been created to test students with different levels and test the four skills of the English language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The exams will also be looking at your level of vocabulary and grammar.

The First and the Advanced exams follow a similar structure, with four different sections: Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Only the first sections (Reading and Use of English) are slightly different, where the First exam lasts 75 minutes, the Advanced exam takes 90 minutes.

In the Writing part you will be required to write two different essays in 80 minutes, the Listening section will take 40 minutes and, lastly, you will finish your Cambridge exam with an interview, normally with other candidates, which usually takes 15 minutes.

Much more complex is the Proficiency test where the writing section is known as ‘composition’ and takes two hours. Cambridge exams scores range from U, E and D (fail) to A, B and C (pass). Prepare yourself to pass your exam!

Cambridge exams preparation courses

With your FCE (Cambridge English: First) you will be able to prove that your level is B2 (Upper Intermediate), which means you are able to handle the main structures of the English language with confidence, demonstrate knowledge of a range of vocabulary and use appropriate communicative strategies.

This course is available in the LAL centres in London, Malta, Cape Town, Fort Lauderdale, Torbay and Boston. If you wish to take this course, you can choose between a short-term course of 6 weeks and a long-term one of 10 weeks. Every week you will have 30 lessons (22.5 hours) in a group of maximum 10 students.

CAE (Cambridge English: Advance) will show that you hold a C1 (CEFR) level of English  (Advanced level ) and that you are able to use the structures of the language with ease and fluency, with minor lapses in accuracy and appropriateness.

This course is available at LAL London, Cape Town, Fort Lauderdale, Torbay and Boston and IELS Malta and you can choose between a 6-week course or a 10-week course, both of 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours).

The CPE (Cambridge English: Proficiency) certificate will show that you are at a level of English in the Common European framework of C2 (Post-advanced). You are able to express yourself spontaneously, fluently and precisely and differentiate fine shades of meaning in a range of complex situations.

This course is available in our LAL centres in Torbay, Malta, Fort Lauderdale and Boston. This is a 30 lesson (22.5 hours) course available in two different variations: 6 weeks and 10 weeks.

LAL’s highly qualified teachers, with experience in exam preparation courses, will conduct our preparation courses for the Cambridge exams based on your needs. The course is designed this way to make sure you are able to improve your exam skills and your English language at the same time.

All of the lessons will look at your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and communication skills. During the course you will also be able to look at past exam papers and mock exams to give you more of an idea of how you are improving and the exam grade you can aim for.

The exams are taken at approved centres and we can help you to register with them. The price ranges from £75 – £130 and dates vary throughout the year.


Where to take a Cambridge exams preparation courses?

If this is the right course for you, then you just need to choose where. LAL Language Centres run this course in London, Torbay (in the heart of the English Riviera), Sliema (Malta), Cape Town, Boston and Fort Lauderdale.

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Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to practice more outside the classroom on the LAL Advantage online learning platform, available for you at no extra cost. Even when you leave the school, you can continue to use the online platform for three months.

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