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    Londres est juste «wow! Tout simplement, l’une des plus grandes villes du monde, offrant une aventure urbaine que vous ne trouverez nulle part ailleurs. Londres est la ville mondiale de la planète, où 9 millions personnes de tous les pays se rassemblent pour parler anglais! Si vous voulez apprendre la langue anglaise et faire connaissance avec le monde entier en même temps, c’est l’endroit pour vous!

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      Discover Tarq’s Story!

        « Learning English is important to communicate with the whole world… you need English for every job.

        My first time here I was shy, but step by step I feel like I’m in my home. That’s amazing! »

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        • Fort Lauderdale

        Discover Anastasia’s Story!

          « The staff are really nice and always help you with a smile.

          Here I’ve found a lot of friends. I think everyone should go here because it will be a great experience for you. You’ll be more confident, I think it’s great. »

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          • Boca Raton

          Discover Sofia’s Story!

            « It’s so funny because we work with people from different cultures and different ages.

            English has been a great tool to create a dialogue between all these different people. My family is Italian, but having the opportunity to be understood is fantastic so we can discover more about each other. »

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              Discover Hing’s Story

                « I think English is an international language… it’s a good way to make friends with people from other countries.

                The people here are really friendly, the teachers teach me a lot. It’s a beautiful place. »


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                  Bletchley Park

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                      St Albans

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                          Blarney Castle

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                            • Cork

                            Fota Wildlife Park

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                              • Cork

                              Irish Sports

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                                • Cork


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