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케이프 타운

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    세계에서 가장 활기 차고 강렬한 장소 중 하나인 케이프 타운에서 영어를 배우 세요. 케이프 타운은 틀림 없는 테이블 산 배경으로 적도의 남쪽에서 꼭 볼 목적지입니다. 또한, 생활의 비용은 주머니에 구멍을 구울 하지 않습니다. 믿을 수 없는 야생 동물 경험을 위한 준비!

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      Thank you so much LAL School and Cape Town for an amazing week spent here…

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          The teachers in LAL teach well and they are so cool…

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              They did everything they could to look after me…

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                  Discover Maria’s Adventure

                    “When I arrived here I couldn’t go out by myself because nobody could understand me.

                    Now I can say that I go by myself to supermarkets, restaurants and they understand me perfectly”.

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                      Discover Valerio’s Story

                        “Before coming here my English was poor, but in a very short time, I have been able to improve it.

                        The teachers helped me a lot to develop my language skills in a very friendly and professional way.”

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                          General English

                          16+ starting at £250
                          • 6 - 15 students per class
                          • 15 - 30 hours per week
                          • 1 - 52 weeks
                          The General English course helps you improve the main skills for communicating in everyday situations!

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                          • Fort Lauderdale
                          • Dublin
                          • Montreal
                          • Toronto
                          • Vancouver

                          Cheetah Sanctuary & Lion Rehabilitation Park

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                              Cape Town Stadium

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                                  Two Oceans Aquarium

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