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Course Overview

Cambridge Leadership College (CLC) is a new academic institution, based in the centre of one of the academic capitals of the world, Cambridge.

It is located in a small, family-style building, with immediate access to Cambridge’s essential facilities, including shops, banks, cafés and transport links. Its purpose is to enable young adults to fulfil their academic and career dreams by using unique and state of-the-art techniques from the world of business start ups and software development.

Course Outline

The courses are designed for students who are interested in business entrepreneurship or leadership in the commercial world.

  • Learn great, creative thinking and leadership techniques used by Google, Spotify, Microsoft and Apple.
  • Learn how to run a business
  • Prepare for the rapidly changing world of work in the future
  • Learn accelerated learning techniques useful for further academic studies.
  • Flexible course length and start dates.

These courses are like a mini MBA or Master’s in Practical Leadership.
You will learn to think like an entrepreneur or industry leader, sowing the seeds for running your own business or being the CEO of a large multi-national company.

Classes and Classrooms

  • Maximum 15 students per class
  • Large open classrooms with great creative spaces for group work and design thinking
  • Classrooms located centrally
  • International mix of students
  • Lessons taught for 30 hours per week.

Other Activities

Students also have the opportunity to attend business networking events, product launches and professional workshops.

Location: UK, Cambridge
Max. students per class: 15
Length of course: 1 - 4 weeks
Lessons per week:
Hours per week: 30
Levels: A2
Start dates: