English for Law

Course overview

This course is for anyone who needs to develop the specialised language required for working in an international legal environment.

You will cover a variety of legal topics, such as company law, competition law, mergers and acquisitions, human rights and intellectual property. Your course will utilise authentic legal texts and case studies.

You will develop practical skills to help you discuss commercial legal matters more effectively, to participate in meetings, negotiate effectively and make presentations.

Course description

• Types of law, bodies of law
• Law firm structures and practice areas
• Describing what a law says
• Summarising legal documents using plain language
• Expressing opinions
• Company law
• Roles in company management
• Forming a company
• Intellectual property
• Copyright, patents and trademark statutes
• Competition law
• Advising a client of risk

Location: London
Max. students per class: 12
Length of course: 2 weeks
Lessons per week: 20
Hours per week: 15
Levels: B1
Start dates: 13 Feb, 7 Aug