DELTA Teacher Training

Course overview

The DELTA Course is intended for experienced teachers wishing to extend their knowledge and teaching skills and leads to the most widely recognised Diploma in English Language Teaching. It places an emphasis on the integration of practical classroom approaches with a thorough understanding of language systems and learning theories.

Course description

The course is run on a semi-intensive basis and covers  Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the DELTA. The programme consists of a  6-week intensive course in January / February, followed by 12 weeks of online support and ending with a further 1-week intensive course in May.

Module 1 is assessed by an exam taken in June; Module 2 is assessed through a series of  Teaching Assignments, which demonstrate the integration of classroom skills, theoretical knowledge and the ability to develop professionally to meet new challenges. Module 3 is an extended written assignment which involves designing a course.

The DELTA is open to people from all language backgrounds who have at least two years of teaching experience. All participants must have a competence in English (equivalent to IELTS 8 or 9), both written and spoken, that will enable them to follow and complete the course successfully.

The prices of the courses are as follows in 2017:

  • DELTA Semi Intensive (19 Weeks) GBP 2390
  • DELTA Module 1 (1 Week) GBP 420
  • DELTA Module 2 (6 Weeks) GBP 1870
  • DELTA Module 3 (Various lengths) GBP 315
Location: Torbay
Max. students per class: 12
Length of course: Modules are 1-6 weeks; whole course is 19 weeks
Lessons per week: Variable
Hours per week: Variable
Levels: C2
Start dates: Semi-intensive: 06 Jan; Module 1: 22 May; Module 2: 06 Jan; Module 3: any time

To enquire abut this course, telephone
+44 (0)1803 550930 or e-mail