Year Round Schools

Young Learners


If you want to have a programme which gives students every evening free to be with their hosts, then “Vacation English” or “English in Practice” are the options for you. If you want to have a programme where students are also entertained during the evenings, then you should choose Vacation English Plus.”

With English in Practice, lessons are closely tied to the afternoon activities and the teacher will accompany the students on their excursions so that they can monitor the use of English as well as make sure they enjoy the location they visit.

At our Year Round schools, our Young Learner programmes are full of activities and excursions. We have three options at our schools; For students who want to be busy in the evenings as well, we offer activities both on-site and also locally. In Malta, we occupy students every evening, while at Cape Town, students take part in activities 4 evenings per week and at Torbay, 3 evenings per week with the other evenings in their host homes.

We also have courses designed for children who are on holiday with their families, or why not stay at two of our schools in our Two-Centre course or for the adventurers we have the Travelling Classroom in Cape Town.


The LAL Course book

LAL has written its own Young Learner course books. Designed to appeal specifically to younger learners, the books feature modern, stimulating materials using a variety of methods to ensure fast progression.

You will not only learn great English, you meet, learn and socialise with students from all over the globe and make friendships and have experiences that will last a lifetime. All course materials are provided and included in the package with LAL.


The LAL Year Round Summer School syllabus has been designed to encourage students to communicate in English and to build their confidence. At each level you will work on developing your reading, writing, speaking (including pronunciation) and listening skills, though the main focus will be on communication.

Your teacher will also help you develop your study skills, through learner training activities, to become a more independent learner. You will be taught in classes with a maximum of 15 students, ensuring that you receive personal attention from the teacher while being able to interact and practise with your fellow students in class.


Each lesson will have two parts. In the first part, you will follow the LAL course books to study vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, and you will also practise your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


In the second part of each lesson you will do project work. The projects will help to improve your communication skills by working with the other students, and will also help you become better at learning when you are away.


  • General English tuition
  • Full supervision 24 hours a day
  • Full board accommodation (except day programmes)
  • All meals included (except day programmes)
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel insurance (no cancellation insurance for non EU/EEA/Swiss students for UK/Ireland schools – limited for US and South African schools)
  • Registration Fee
  • Activity and excursion programme (except tuition only courses)
  • Wireless internet at the school
  • LAL course book and materials
  • Certificate of attendance and report



LAL will offer you a variety of sporting and non-sporting activities at our year round summer schools, regardless of its location. The activities will vary from school to school but some examples include treasure hunts, talent show, Karaoke, games and auction and quiz nights. For the more sporty activities, mini Olympics could be on the calendar with dodgeball, rugby, quick cricket, football and many more.

All schools hold a welcome disco or party on the student’s first day while on the last day, all summer schools hold a graduation ceremony with a farewell party. Each week there  will be an excursions to a variety of locations which will be either recreational, cultural, educational…or all three! You will also be able to explore the area where the schools are located and its surrounding areas and explore what it has to offer.


All three programmes include accommodation. Malta has the option of residences, both in the town of Sliema (Centre) and also outside the town (Club), in hotels where students can enjoy air-conditioned, shared bedrooms with private bathroom. Where the residence is outside the town, all transport to and from the school is included and there is full supervision by our well-trained staff to ensure they are safe. The Club residence also has a swimming pool.

Cape Town has a quality campus residence only 200 metres from the ocean where the residence is on the same property as the school which is convenient as students do not have to travel to school each day. Bedrooms are spacious dormitories with 4 beds and shared or private bathrooms. The campus is secure with 24-hour security and a responsible LAL staff member at all times. Campus facilities include free wi-fi, a swimming pool, garden area, internet room and student lounge with indoor games.

Malta, Torbay, Fort Lauderdale and Boston all offer the typical and much-loved homestay programme which gives students a great opportunity to enjoy time with locals, finding out how they live and practising their new English skills in a real environment. The homestay will give your child a great experience and memories for years to come.


All year round schools include transfers in their package. Each location will have a standard transfer included, depending on location, other airports  may be available at extra cost. LAL staff will be at the airport waiting for you to arrive. Once you have landed and been met you will be taken to your coach or taxi to start your summer adventure.


If this is the right course for you, then you just need to choose where. LAL Language Centres run this course in Cape Town, Malta and Torbay.