Care and Support

We care about the safety and well-being of our students. Our friendly staff support and care for our young learners from the moment they enrol to checking them in at the airport on the way home.

LAL Course book

LAL has written its own young learner course books. Designed to appeal specifically to younger students, the books feature modern, stimulating materials using a variety of methods to ensure fast progression.

Perfect programmes

Fun-packed courses for junior students; go on adventures, learn whilst having fun in a fully supervised environment. Unforgettable experiences for older students; explore the world with your new friends, live the campus lifestyle and improve your future prospects.


Enhance your stay at LAL by adding one of our upgrade packages. There are film making and photography workshops, weekend excursions to exciting locations, professional sporting activities and even wildlife safaris. There is something for everyone!


LAL is proud to have schools all over the world in destinations that are perfect for young students. Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled English language learning holiday or a serious study opportunity, you’ll find the right choice for you at LAL.



Our Young Learner Programmes mix lessons and activities into a unique English language and cultural experience. Our teachers are selected for personality and enthusiasm to ensure our lessons are fun and informative. You’ll not only learn great English, you’ll meet and make friends with students from all over the globe and have experiences that will last a lifetime.



Irene’s Class – Projects for week of 18 July

This week Flavia di Scala, Aurora Galletti, Gloria Sala, Michela Rocco, Francesca Cortelezzi, Carola Caminiti, Federica Caminiti, Andrea Selleri and Sara Mariottimi gave a mouth-watering presentation about the typical food from the various regions of Italy.

Things that are different in England

Here are some of the things that our students have noticed are different in England. We hadn’t noticed that were missing blinds before: maybe we were being blind.


Torbay 2016

Hi everyone,

We are three Italian students, Sara, Serena and Ilaria.

We arrived on Monday and we’re staying here until Friday…

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