High School Preparation

High School Preparation

  • Ages 12 - 17
  • 4.92 score from 10 ratings
This course is suitable for young adults who may be seeking the opportunity to study in an Australian high-school.

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Young learners of 12 - 17 years old who may be seeking the opportunity to study in an Australian high-school.

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  • Max 15 students per class
  • 15 hours of English per week + 12 hours of Pre-university Taster per week
  • Minimum 2 weeks
  • Level required: B1
  • What is this Preparation about?

    BROWNS can assist you to achieve suitable results that meet the necessary prerequisite level of English for entry into a Year 7 – Year 12 high school course in an Australian high school. BROWNS is also able to provide students with a pathway into a nominated high school.

    BROWNS staff are there to provide the necessary welfare and support for younger learners to successfully live and study in Australia.

    We also provide regular academic and progress reporting to ensure that students are on track with their learning goals, with regular meetings and feedback to ensure that you are making continual progress. BROWNS under 18 students also have access to appropriate, age-specific activities as part of our Activities programme.

    • Test your English level

      The exams are the first step to your university application. Prepare with an IELTS or TOEFL taster!

    • Study subjects in English

      Studying something in your native language is not the same as doing it in English. Why not give it a try with Math, History or Science?

    • Networking

      You will meet people with similar interests to you, but you will also meet professionals from different fields and you will be able to ask them all the questions you have!

    • Learn more about High School life

      There are many things that happen during High School that you must be prepared for. Discover what to expect!

    • Water Wars

      With the warm weather, there is no better way to relax than some water wars!

    • Sports

      Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis… you will enjoy your favourite sport in our summer schools!

    • Indoor Activities

      Some days are more relaxed than others. Enjoy some board games, x-box games, billiards, cinema night, treasure hunt, quizzes and more!


    1-61 weeks, depending on the English starting level, the high school’s entry requirement and visa type


    This course is available at Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses

    Course Description:

    • 20 hours in-class and 5 hours homework review
    • Each module is 10 weeks in duration
    • Daily coursebook-based core lessons followed by afternoon academic skill lessons and assessments
    • Age-appropriate lesson content, tasks, and assessments
    • Regular academic and progress reporting

    Entry Requirements:

    • Beginner English language level or above
    • Appropriate for 11-17 years old
    • Student visa, Visitor visa or Dependent visa

    Mode of Study:


    CRICOS Code: 091582G

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