University Taster Summer School

University Taster Summer School

  • Ages 15 - 17
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The Pre-university Taster Summer School was created to provide exposure to life in a UK university.

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young learners of 14 - 17 years old who want to study in the UK or USA, and want to get ready for it.

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  • Max 15 students per class
  • 15 hours of English per week + 12 hours of Pre-university Taster per week
  • Minimum 2 weeks
  • Level required: B1
  • What is this Summer School about?

    The University Taster Summer School is an opportunity to learn about life in a UK university. During the two week stay, our students will learn about the universities, the application process and the English language exams they will need to enter one university in these countries – and more.

    Nevertheless, they will also have some time to relax. With this in mind, they will take part in a great variety of activities either in the morning, afternoon or evening. This will complete their course, as socializing is a very important part of improving the use of the English language. Also, they will make friends from the rest of the world – who knows, they may even find themselves together again in university.

    The Pre-university Taster is one of the programmes that we offer at LAL Brighton, our Young Professionals Summer Schools. Discover more of the activities our students will be doing with us.

    Join our Pre-University Taster Summer School activities!

    We select and design activities that our young learners will enjoy, but that also motivate the practice of their English skills. These just are some of the activities we offer in the Pre-university taster!

    • Be part of careers workshops

      If you don’t know yet what you want to study, maybe some of our workshops can help you figure it out.

    • Test your English level

      The exams are the first step to your university application. Prepare with an IELTS or TOEFL taster!

    • Study subjects in English

      Studying something in your native language is not the same as doing it in English. Why not give it a try with Math, History or Science?

    • Networking

      You will meet people with similar interests to you, but you will also meet professionals from different fields and you will be able to ask them all the questions you have!

    • Learn more about university life

      There are many things that happen during university that you must be prepared for. Discover what to expect!

    • Carnival Night

      It may not be the right season, but Summer is the perfect time to have a super fun Carnival Night!

    • Water Wars

      With the warm weather, there is no better way to relax than some water wars!

    • Casino Night

      Make your bets and prepare to live a night of gaming! Of course, not with real money…

    • Sports

      Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis… you will enjoy your favourite sport in our summer schools!

    • Indoor Activities

      Some days are more relaxed than others. Enjoy some board games, x-box games, billiards, cinema night, treasure hunt, quizzes and more!

    When is it happening?

    Brighton: 28 Jun – 26 Aug

    What’s included?

    • General English Tuition
    • University Taster Tuition
    • One full day and one half day excursions per week
    • Afternoon and evening activities
    • Full-board accommodation
    • Health Insurance
    • LAL course book and materials
    • Certificate of attendance and report
    • Registration fee
    • Escorted meet and greet return transfers

    Why LAL?

    • We offer Summer Schools that stimulate English learning.
    • We have been running summer schools for over 10 years.
    • We have taken care of children from all over the world, in our schools in England, Malta, USA, Ireland, South Africa and Canada.
    • We increase our students’ confidence and communication skills.
    • We provide our own books, designed to appeal to young learners.

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