Summer Schools Online

Summer Schools Online

  • Ages 11-17
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English language education and entertainment at the touch of a button. Live online for 3 hours per day!

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For young learners wanting to improve their English skills online!

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  • Age ranges: Junior (11-13) | Teen (14-17)
  • All levels
  • The LAL Summer School Online Experience

    No matter where you are in the world, we have the lessons and activities you are looking for.

    Experienced teachers, and serious fun – all in English.

    Summer Schools Online:  1 and 2 week courses of 15 hours per week of lessons and activities.

    Summer Schools Online Lite: 1 to 6 week courses of 4 hours per week of lessons and activities


    Summer School Online with a Difference

    Designed by us for you to make lifelong connections and engage with the community that surrounds you.

    • Super Safe – Safe online environment for your children. Watch the lessons and watch their daily progress…or relax upstairs!
    • Something Amazing – Just lessons? No…we also offer group activities to share with new friends around the world.
    • Selected Teachers – All police checked and trained to use our platform. We know they have the right stuff to safely teach your children

    Beyond English Lessons

    Designed by us for you to make lifelong connections and engage with the community that surrounds you.

    • See the World
    • Street View Scavengers
    • Geek Challenge
    • Selfie World
    • Brain Food
    • LAL Physical


    Summer School Online

    Course Length: 1 or 2 weeks
    Course Dates: 29 June – 28 August, 4 January – 26 February
    Lessons (per week): 10
    Activities (per week): 5

    Summer School Online Lite

    Course Length: 1 – 6 weeks
    Course Dates: All year round except: 21 December – 3 January
    Lessons (per week): 2
    Activities (per week): 2

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