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London is just… wow! Quite simply one of the greatest cities in the world, London offers an urban adventure that you won’t find anywhere else, and our Summer School in Westminster is right at the heart of it, surrounded by world-famous landmarks. London is the planet’s global city, where 9 million people from every country in the world come together to speak English! If you want to learn the English language and get to know the whole world at the same time, Westminster is the place for you!

Experience London
Learn English at LAL
Summer School in London

  • 13 - 17
  • 15
    Max students per class
  • 28 Jun - 26 Jul 2020

Our London Westminster Summer School is located in the centre of London, just a stone’s throw from Victoria Station, Westminster Abbey and the world-famous Big Ben. Known the world over, London’s city centre is a vibrant destination for urban-loving teenagers to spend a busy summer!

LAL’s trendiest summer school takes place at the University of Westminster, with a campus boasting modern facilities and a welcoming, cosy residence.

This is the Central London Experience!

Supportive facilities

  • Free WiFi
  • Lounge Areas
  • Garden
  • Cafeteria

Explore our great Location

See the school as if you were here

35 Marylebone Rd
Marylebone, London

Nationality Mix

  • 10%
  • 13%
    Africa and Middle East
  • 23%
    Eastern Europe
  • 22%
    Central Europe
  • 29%
    Western Europe
  • 3%
    Central and South America

Language Courses in London Westminster

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Leisure Programmes

Get the most out of your experience

Our programmes include supervised excursions during the week and on the weekends to ensure our students have a full summer experience. These are some of our options.

Accommodation in London

We take all steps to ensure that our young students are safe and comfortable while studying in our Summer School in London. These are our accommodation options.

University Residence in London


Students can stay on-site at our St Mary’s University student residence. The residence features single rooms, with both shared and en-suite bathroom options available.

Homestay in London Twickenham

Average 30 minutes to the school

Staying in a host’s home is a great way to discover the local way of life. At St Mary’s, hosts provide two evening meals per week, while the rest of the week, students will eat lunch and dinner at the school.

Further Information

Important Information Arrivals and Departures: SUNDAYS


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Accreditations and memberships

Certified teaching accredited by the world’s main institutions



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