Welcome to 2019 with LAL

As you may already be aware, LAL is updating its branding and positioning in the market. These changes are the result of a collaborative process, made possible by LAL's secret weapons: our wonderful customers and staff.

What can you expect
from LAL in 2019?

LAL is proud to cultivate a culture which listens and empowers its employees to contribute to our development. In a fast changing world, we at LAL have dug deep into our values and revisited the purpose of doing what we do. Part of our strategy has involved revising our roots and posing ourselves some pointed questions: which lessons can we learn from our past? How does our heritage inform and help us define our future? What has contributed most to the best of our achievements to date? This exercise of looking inwards has helped us refocus our values and define our mission.
  • Integrity, Internationalism & Care.

    These are the values which drive LAL. We dot what we do because we believe in ourselves and we believe in looking after and enabling people to use their voice to speak to the world, werever they may come from.

  • We're closer to our customers.

    LAL is committed to being a highly customer-centric organisation. We have engaged in a deep field research to understand the needs, desires and players of our students, which we hope you will see reflected in our media and publications.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility.

    LAL contributes to WWEP, a charity which helps educate children in a number of locations around the world. It is our intent to make LAL synonymous with CSR in terms of material recycling, community engagement, staff welfare and student well-being

  • Clear focus.

    We know that our students expect relevance and value for money. LAL segregates our Young Learners from our Adults students and designs its courses meticulously to meet the needs of these very disparate student groups.

LAL Alliance
LAL has expanded its alliances and now offers English (and French!) courses in Canada. LAL Alliance expands LAL's reach enabling us to provide an enriching and academically focussed learning experience across the globe. Joining Apollo in Ireland, we've added NESE Boston, ALI (Montreal) and ELS (Vancouver and Toronto) to our portfolio in 2019.

LAL Young Learners 2019

By listening to our students and their representatives, we understand that in addition to location, today's young people are seeking the value of an integrated experience which complements vocations and enhances life skills. To this end, we have tailored our Summer Schools to be more relevant with respect to the personal and professional aspirations of our younger students.

New Programmes

  • Digital Summer School in Berkhamsted (UK)
  • Sports & Arts Summer School in Winchester (UK)
  • Young Professional Summer School in Brighton (UK)
  • African Adventure School in Cape Town (South Africa)
  • Sports & Music School in Ft. Lauderdale (USA)
  • Young Professional Summer School in Boca Raton (USA)

To keep yourself abreast of what's happening at LAL, follow us at @lalschools on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube (PS: Have you seen our brand new product videos?). Thank you for putting your faith in us, as we put our faith in our students.