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You might not know it yet, but LAL will be with you forever.

The people, the places and the English language you discover through LAL will shape the way you interact with your world.

The benefits of your language experience with LAL will endure, because real-life learning resonates long after you have finished your course. The experience goes way beyond the classroom: belonging to the LAL community really means getting out and exploring the places you always heard about, from a completely new angle.

Being able to share moments with people who, like you, are building their own future, finding their unique take on each LAL destination, and living abroad as part of an international community – this is LAL.

LAL: Unforgettable

Unforgettable English

  • You want to learn unforgettable English that will stay with you forever. With LAL, you will.
  • We have a top-notch learning plan in and beyond the classroom.
  • Out of classroom lessons give “real-life English” a whole new meaning.
  • Never stop learning with our online continuation courses.

Unforgettable People

  • We are people who believe in a better world too. You’ll never feel alone.
  • Being far away from home, we’ll create the opportunities for you to interact with people that make you feel like you belong.
  • English is for sharing – Real Life English ensures you both learn and communicate with people from all over the world.

Unforgettable Experience

  • Locations you’ve never been to before, experienced in ways you’ve never imagined before.
  • Living within the community, safely in the hands of LAL’s dedicated staff.
  • Not out of your comfort zone, but in your element.

“What makes LAL unique?”

  • Free Welcome Events
    Each LAL school has a unique, free, unforgettable welcome event to kickstart our students’ LAL experience by welcoming them to our schools in the most authentic, immersive and fun way possible, introducing them to our destinations, our schools and their new friends.
  • ‘English on the Go’ lessons
    At least once a month our teachers take students for their lessons outside of the classroom, teaching English out and about in real life.
  • Exclusive activities
    Designed by us for students to connect with one another; teachers and staff join students on selected free and low-cost fun activities to immerse them in English in real life situations.
  • Real Life English Excursions
    Much more than regular excursions, we’ve selected and designed local “must-do” experiences to provide our students with unforgettable English through unforgettable experiences.

Our Methodology

If you need English for work, travel or study, LAL’s experienced teachers can help you practise the language using technology and real-life situations.

We like our students to be involved in their learning, so as well as planning lessons and progress checks for you, we ask you about the language you want to learn.

LAL likes you to check on your progress. We offer daily feedback from your teachers, weekly written or aural tests as well as written and spoken end of level exams.

We love it when our students talk to us in English outside the classroom, whatever their level. This builds confidence and lets you use language in lots of real situations.

Our School

We believe that belonging to our community and sharing your experiences abroad are the best ways for you to improve your English. Our school is designed with that in mind: shared spaces and plenty of activities that allow you to connect with one another.

Our school have recently been renovated, creating modern, welcoming spaces for you to share and enjoy.

Our History

Torbay Language Centre opens in Torbay, UK.

Florida Language Center opens in Fort Lauderdale, USA

Cape Communication Centre opens in Cape Town, South Africa

LAL becomes a teacher training centre and opens its first residential junior centre, Shebbear College, Devon, UK.

LAL opens at Kelly College (Now Mount Kelly College)

LAL introduces global branding, LAL Torbay, LAL Fort Lauderdale, LAL Cape Town and LAL Summer Schools

LAL expands its portfolio with schools in London, Taunton, Winchester and Twickenham in the UK; Boca Raton, in the USA, and Durban and St Cypriens in South Africa and co-brands with IELS in Malta

LAL launches its new corporate identity

lal 4c language centres

LAL opens in New York, USA

LAL opens in Berkhamsted, UK

LAL opens in Brighton, UK 

LAL launches its partnership programme and allies with  Apollo Language Centre in Ireland, Meten in China, ELS and ALI in Canada and Browns in Australia

Covid 19 forces a downsizing of LAL’s portfolio

LAL launches new refreshed brand identity!

LAL no circle logo BLACK

Our school in Cape Town moves to its new home. An amazing location with 360 views in and out of the classroom. By far the best school in Cape Town!

Our Mission

LAL’s mission is to empower people to communicate effectively with the global community by means of an excellent and enriching learning experience.

In the pursuit of this mission, we will embrace and continuously pursue the values of relevance and integrity. We will deploy innovative means and cultural sensitivity. We will aim to exceed expectations, and to foster the personal and professional development of our students and staff alike.

To achieve the mission, our business objectives will be to:

  • offer comprehensive language learning services
  • operate in a socially responsible manner
  • grow LAL’s market share and profitability
  • maintain and develop LAL’s reputation


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