Introducing our new brand

After the exciting news of our schools re-opening in September we would like to officially announce the launch of our refreshed brand identity. We have spent many months working on our brand positioning and updating our visual identity to reflect what LAL truly is, unforgettable.

LAL: unforgettable

We felt our brand needed to become more vibrant, energetic, personal and more human. We needed it to express what we offer, which is an effective language experience that goes way beyond the classroom; unforgettable English, unforgettable people, unforgettable experiences.

Because you might not know it yet, but LAL will forever be with you. ​

The people, the places and the English language you discover through LAL will shape the way you interact with your world.​

The benefits of your language experience with LAL will endure, because real-life learning resonates long after you have finished your course. The experience goes way beyond the classroom: belonging to the LAL community really means getting out and exploring the places you always heard about, from a completely new angle.​

Being able to share moments with people who, like you, are building their own future, finding their unique take on each LAL destination, and living abroad as part of an international community – this is LAL.​

Telling our story through visual communication

We have added vibrancy, boldness and personality to our visual identity. One major change is the introduction of yellow as a supporting colour to our heritage red, which has been given its own refresh to make it cooler and brighter, whilst retaining our strong black and white primary colours.

Why Yellow? Yellow represents happiness, energy, positivity all the things we want our students to feel when they experience LAL.

As well as colours we have introduced a brand pattern, this was based on the idea that LAL creates opportunities for the “crossing of paths” for people all over the world.

We have kept our logo but now offer a simplified version of it without the circle, for a more contemporary look.

Our photography is more authentic, using a style which compliments the brighter colour palettes, showing off our unique schools and locations.

Online we are brighter, bolder, smarter. We have added custom illustrations and icons to create clearer layouts and improve user experience.

Our schools have each undertaken their own transformations, inspired by shared workspaces, we wanted to create areas that helped our students integrate and connect with each other. The main communal areas now feel welcoming, homely, relaxed and trendy.

The next chapter

The last few months have been challenging for everyone in our industry and as we gradually move towards a new normal what better way to start with a refreshed brand that is strong, dynamic and ready to adapt to the journey ahead. We can’t wait for you to share your experiences and unforgettable moments with us.

If you are ready to experience Unforgettable Real Life English with us, check out our 2021 brochure to see what locations and courses we have on offer.


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