Two Centre Courses

Experience two of our centres

With our two-centre package, you can study in two different locations and experience two distinctly different life styles and cultures in England, Malta and Ireland.

Divide your experience between schools in England, Malta and Ireland

For Adults

Choose two from LAL Torbay, LAL London, IELS Malta and Apollo Dublin, with a minimum of four weeks in each location, and pay only 50% of the Registration, Accommodation Placement and Courier Fees for each school booked.

For Young Learners

In the USA, choose two of our three schools, choose two of our schools in England, or maybe you want to see England AND Ireland.

Be smart: Book longer and save money!

  • Stay 12 weeks and get free airport transfers.
  • Book 24 weeks or more in England and Malta, or England and Ireland, and we will cover up to €300 of the flights between Heathrow and Malta or Dublin! (Terms and conditions apply).

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Do you want to experience two of our centres?
Get in touch and we will happily make that happen!


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